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Bread n Butter Boy- Out Now!

Whilst on set filming their latest music video, Paul and Eddie take a moment to announce the release of their debut EP Bread n Butter Boy.

London, UK- Recorded under various restrictions including lockdown, budget and technical ability, songwriters Paul Thompson and Eddie Mann were forced to think outside their over-priced, rented London boxes.

Utilising what they did have, sharp songs, a good dollop of passion and a whole lot of time, they knew what they wanted sonically but not necessarily the traditional means to achieve it. Cue experimentation with a variety of instruments and recording techniques (some made up some YouTubed) and we have an eclectic collection of songs that, through their shortcomings, they hope, offer something fresh.

The album is driven by a faulty punk heart with an on hand defibrillator set to moderate funk. With every optimistic floating pop hook there is a sinker slowly dragging the listener below the surface into a dark little world, introducing them to a roster of pitiful characters. These no hopers have come to terms with their bad fortune and not only embrace it but flaunt it.

Celebrating the beauty and art behind the acceptance of failure in a world that champions success may seem alienating on paper but in practice draws out the ‘bread and butter boy’ in all of us.


Bread and Butter Boy

A mad one eyed dog, drunk clowns, fat wrestlers and the sleazy Double-Denim Roy. All the ‘Bread and Butter Boy’ wants to do is go to the pictures!

A Never Has Been

Ever wonder how your life would read as a biography? All fall and no rise? Perhaps half a slice of cake worthy before weather and football take over conversation at your wake? You’re not alone. A Never Has Been captures the anxiety of approaching middle age having achieved no notable success whilst your contemporaries are either on the up or have at least an exciting past to warrant their present alcohol dependency. Is your life story boring or does everyone else just have a really good editor?

Blood Red Fox

A song for the frequenters of public houses up and down the country. (please note: this song was written when people were allowed to frequent such establishments. Apologies if it makes you painfully nostalgic).

Why (‘dya let your hair grow so long?)

Recorded at Pirate rehearsal studios, Greenwich and a disused club (Work Bar, Angel), Why is about following your intuition and not necessarily having an answer to the choices you've made. Ignoring the voices telling you which path to choose.

Hold Me Down

Sometimes all you need is a sexy beat and a fat riff. Oh and a lovely sandwich.

Una and the Lion

From dummy to Diazapam, teddy to tramadol, Una and the Lion explores our lifelong dependence on things to either fight our battles or simply shield us from them. Inspired by Edmund Spencers 16th century poem in which Una seeks help to free her parents from a dragon guarded tower, here we find a modern day Una, clutching a toy Lion, visiting a drug den, escaping troubles at home.

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