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Blood Red Fox- Music Video released

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Following up from the release of our debut EP, Bread n Butter Boy last month, we're very proud to share the music video to the third song off the EP, Blood Red Fox.

As the most story based song on the album we decided to keep the visuals as close to the lyrics as possible and really bring this fabled pub and it's characters to life. Originally planning to shoot it entirely with humans in a full sized pub we once again found ourselves restricted by the pandemic. We decided to descale and use actors who require no lateral flow tests, sock puppets. Thinking this would be a week long project with a few old socks and a cardboard box our ambitions got the better of us and two months later we finally called it a wrap.

Everything you can see in the video (excluding the lights, some of the toys and ornaments, Fimo clay and the puppets hands and eyes) is handmade using recycled materials including old amazon packaging, beer cans (drums and guitar), Prosecco wire (lampshades), with the majority of the set constructed from an old wooden bass guitar case. Eddie and his girlfriend Charlene built the set and props while Paul and Eddie made the puppets. Look closely and you can see mini replicas of Mona Lisa and The Scream painted by Eddie and pinups from an old French magazine hand selected by Paul.

We'd like to thank Kappa Llewellyn for playing the role of the bouncer and his BSL interpretation and Charlene Peck for all your help with filming, puppetry, set, putting up with the big lumpy set piece in the house and letting us drink rose and play with our dolls in the middle of the night (and your still with me why?).

We hope you enjoy.

Lots of love,

Eddie and Paul, Circus of Bones.

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