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A Big No Body Music Video- OUT NOW

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Filmed one summers day at our mates Gez, Lizzie and little Betsy's home near the village of Buckland in Oxfordshire, this music vid is a testament to the joyful success that can be achieved with no budget and a bunch of mates. It brought us back to a time when you and a some friends would get together after school with your parents camera and make silly films with little to no film making knowledge, no preconceptions how things should be and for no particular reason, no endgame. It's a stress free method which frees the mind for spontaneity and originality. I'm not saying the end product is a work of genius, far from it but for us it's about the process, not the product. If we are making something then we have to enjoy the making it otherwise what's the point?

It was a Monday and in an attempt to flagellate ourselves for the weekends sins, Paul and I made the decision to get out in the fresh air and sweat it out. Paul had a rough idea in his head of where he wanted the story to go which was that of a modern man trying make it out in the wild but other than that we simply started filming on a wing and a prayer.

To start us off, Paul suggested that the wild man would be wearing nothing but pants and that man would be me. He'd brought along a pair of his own tartan gruds for me to try but after long and serious debate we settled on the pair of rainbow wonders belonging to Gez.

Filmed on Laurens swanky new phone in the garden and the surrounding countryside that lines the Thames we achieved just over an hour of footage from 11am , wrapping at sundown.

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