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BREAD and butter boy- 2021

Recorded under various restrictions including lockdown, budget and technical ability, songwriters Paul Thompson and Eddie Mann were forced to think outside their over-priced, rented London boxes. 

Utilising what they did have, sharp songs, a good dollop of passion and a whole lot of time, they knew what they wanted sonically but not necessarily the traditional means to achieve it. Cue experimentation with a variety of instruments and recording techniques (some made up some YouTubed) and we have an eclectic collection of songs that, through their shortcomings, they hope, offer something fresh. 

The album is driven by a faulty punk heart with an on hand defibrillator set to moderate funk. With every optimistic floating pop hook there is a sinker slowly dragging the listener below the surface into a dark little world, introducing them to a roster of pitiful characters. These no hopers have come to terms with their bad fortune and not only embrace it but flaunt it. 

Celebrating the beauty and art behind the acceptance of failure in a world that champions success may seem alienating on paper but in practice draws out the ‘bread and butter boy’ in all of us.

released March 8, 2021 

A Big No Body/Simone- 2020

Both recorded in early 2020 this double single features 'A Big No Body' and 'Simone', the bands unofficial debut release.

A Big No Body

Written in 2017 in response to the worlds worst hangover owing to a night on the whiskey at Edinburgh's famous Sandy Bell's, Eddie, finds comfort in the imaginings of "a settled life". An existence devoid of fear and anxiety by throwing all ambition and expectation to the wind and accepting a future of mediocrity.


A story of lost love and unread poetry.

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